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6 Amazing Health Benefits of Heritage Rice

Rice is an important food crop grown extensively across Asia. Countries like India, China, Indonesia are just a few amongst the highest rice-producing countries. Rice is an integral part of meals for most households. You would be amazed to know the types of rice that is produced yearly. And one such type of rice is Heritage Rice

Let Us Know the Various Types of Heritage Rice:

  •  Kichili Samba Rice: Kichili Samba is a popular variety that is resistant to pests and diseases. This rice is pale white and takes 130-140 days to grow.
  • Mappilai Samba RiceMapillai Samba is red in colour and is grown predominantly in Tamil Nadu. This type of rice requires little or no pesticides. 
  • Kuzhiyadichan Rice– This heritage rice is suitable for saline soil and is drought resistant. 
  • Thooya Malli Rice – This type of rice has a nutty and buttery flavour. Furthermore, it is a blend of other grains such as farro, grano and rye berries.
  • Black Kavuni Rice– Also known as the Karuppu Kavuni Rice is packed with health benefits. Not only is it rich in antioxidants but also is a good source of fibre. 
  • Kattuyanam RiceKattuyanam rice helps to control diabetes and is predominantly consumed in the southern parts of India.

Health Benefits of Heritage Rice

By now you know a plethora of rice that falls under the heritage rice umbrella. Let’s dive into the advantages of including this type of rice in our daily lives:

Best Source of Energy

Heritage rice is known to provide strength and nourishment to the body. Regular intake of this food grain will build your immune system and keep you away from various diseases. If you are searching to order this rice, simply visit Namma Veedu for the best quality heritage rice online.

Contains Low Glycemic Index Value

Are you someone who loves to eat rice, but is holding back because of the fear of getting diabetes? Well to your good news you can now eat heritage rice to your content as this particular variety has a relatively low glycemic index value.

Strengthens Bone and Muscles

Rice is often a misunderstood food grain. Consuming any rice that falls under the heritage type will strengthen your bones and muscles. Furthermore, it also enhances your beauty.

Eases Digestion

The presence of high fibre content in the rice enhances the digestion process. Vitamin B1 helps in curing stomach and mouth ulcers too. 

Enhances the Blood Flow

Buy your organic heritage rice today as it amplifies the blood flow that increases the hemoglobin content and also provides you that much-needed energy throughout the day.

Prevents Obesity

If you have stopped eating rice with the fear of gaining weight, you can now enjoy a plate of biryani. This type of rice prevents obesity and so now when you eat you need not think about the calories that are getting added. Heritage rice also reduces the risk of fatty liver disease and cancer.


The above mentioned are just a few of the many benefits that heritage rice offers. You can get yours today at your doorstep by choosing Namma Veedu. Besides rice there are other quality and organic products that are offered such as health mix powder, honey and spices. 


Heritage Rice Bowl

If you are bored of eating steamed rice, this is the recipe that will add flavour and colour to the dish.

  • Take a cup of rice and soak it in water for some time.
  • In a pan saute vegetables such as carrots, spring onions, corn. 
  • Rinse the soaked rice and put it in the pan along with some water and salt.
  • Let it simmer on medium flame and then reduce it after 10 minutes.
  • Keep the flame on till the rice and the vegetables are properly cooked.

Finally, take a bowl, take some rice and enjoy it while watching a Netflix series.