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5 Organic Alternatives to Switch to a Healthy Diet

With the onset of the pandemic, people have become extremely cautious of what they are consuming. The food choices have now shifted from conventional to organic ones. A question might arise as to what organic food means. Organic food is primarily devoid of any artificial flavours, chemicals, preservatives and radiation. Thus, it has become the most preferred food type to remain healthy.

Another very common question that most people have is regarding the best alternatives to replace the usual food options. To augment your journey towards a healthy life, it is essential to have the right food. Let us dive right into it.

Various Organic Food Alternatives

Food items such as energy bars, sodas, pasta and many more can be replaced by the below mentioned healthy items:

Health Mix over White Bread

This health mix consists of several magical food grains such as Bamboo rice, little millets, nutmeg, cardamom and the list goes on. This mixture provides you the much-needed energy to sail through the day which white bread cannot offer. The health mix can serve as your low-calorie breakfast option.

Cold Pressed Sesame Oil over Vegetable Oil

As the sesame cold-pressed oil is made without the use of chemicals or other artificial agents, it is optimal to use in your kitchen. It is not only rich in omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 but it also is beneficial for external use such as on your skin and hair.

Organic Millets Over All-Purpose Flour

Most people are unaware of the health benefits that organic millets such as finger millet, proso millet and pearl millet have to offer. This food kills the untimely binge eating hunger and preserves your energy throughout the day.

Palm sugar Over White Sugar

If one gets to the details of how regular sugar is made, the demand for it will come down drastically. Thus, substituting it with a much healthier and organic option is a wise way. Palm sugar is made from the sap of the palm tree which is boiled and crystalized. It stabilizes the sugar levels in the body and has a low glycemic index.

Mappillai Samba Rice Over White Rice

The Mappillai Samba rice is a super grain that provides instant energy and strengthens the muscles. Now you can keep your good carbs and say bye to the unnecessary sugar that the white rice has.

Benefits of Choosing Organic Foods

Below are a few of the advantages that you would experience whilst including organic food products in your daily diet:

Tastes Fresh and Delicious

Yes! You read it right. As the organic products are grown without any additional chemicals the taste of the vegetables is untempered.

Environment- Friendly

Besides offering the above-mentioned health benefits, organic food is also a sustainable option for the environment. The soil does not lose its fertility due to the excess use of fertilizers and pesticides.


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