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About Us

Our Story

We initiated our venture Namma Veedu meaning Our Home in 2015 with just two products: banana chips and raw honey. We aim to provide organic natural products delivered to your home. To expand the list of products, we introduced some natural sweeteners like Palm jaggery and Palm sugar. We now have a wide range of natural and organic food products such as Ghee, Health Mix Powder, and Organic Rice. Namma Veedu is committed to serving you with authentic high-quality natural products which are sourced organically and delivered right at your doorstep. We understand the necessity to choose a sustainable lifestyle now more than ever which is why we strive to conserve the environment. To the folks living in and around Bangalore and Chennai, Namma Veedu is here to supply fresh farm produce to amplify your healthy living.

Our Vision

  • To make natural food products an easy option for every household
  • To deliver our products with utmost safety and care
  • To offer Unadulterated organic products at affordable prices

Our Mission 

Marthandam honey is very famous for its unbeatable taste and freshness. It is amazing and genuine, unlike other branded honey. Nowadays we have noticed that the crowd at the pharmacy is much more than other shops in the country. Instead of ingesting tablets for common ailments, we should increase our intake of natural medicines which will help you and your family to stay healthy and boost your immunity against diseases in the long run. Our passion for organic and natural products has molded Namma Veedu into a place for additive-free products. Namma Veedu is an online organic store where buying natural products is easy and accessible. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction by delivering pure and quality products. If you are looking for a trusted organic store, visit

We often ask our friends and neighbors to get something for us when they go to their native for any occasion or trip. People who have been fortunate enough to have such friends would have had the pleasure to taste the authentic products with their freshness and native taste. Many people are willing to taste natural products but they do not have access to them. This is due to distance, lack of transportation facilities, and poor communication. With the help of online shopping, Namma Veedu can serve everyone who wants to obtain the natural products delivered at your doorstep from their place of origin without any hassle.