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Wild Raw Honey vs Processed Honey: Benefits, Risks and Uses

Fun Fact: Honey has been used since medieval times. 

Interestingly this commodity was considered as a medicine, sweetener and cosmetic. With times the uses have evolved but the product has not faded away. If you go to any supermarket or store, there will be one section dedicated to honey. Are you looking for pure and wild raw honey as well? Visit Namma Veedu, your trusted online organic store. 

Let’s dive into the whole debate about wild raw honey vs processed honey. Before we pick which type of honey is better than the other, it is important to know what each type is.

Wild Raw Honey

As the name suggests this type of honey is directly taken from the honeycomb and no preservatives are added to it. The texture of wild raw honey is thick like a paste and would not easily dissolve in water. 

Processed honey

This type of honey is treated and pasteurized. The processing contains filtration and ultrasonication to retard the crystals and obtain pure honey. This process also ensures to increase the shelf life of honey as there are various preservatives present in it. The texture of processed honey is not as thick as wild raw honey. It easily dissolves in water. Artificial sweeteners are also added in this type of honey. 

Wild Raw Honey vs Processed Honey

The following questions might arise in your mind: Which honey is better? Should you use wild raw honey or processed honey? Below are the benefits listed for both types of honey so that you can make an informed decision. 


It is needless to say that wild raw honey is the purest form of honey. This comprises bee pollen and bee propolis which consists of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Besides these, wild raw honey also contains enzymes and amino acids. 

Processed honey on the other side is mostly used by people as it is easily available at any supermarket. This honey is devoid of any impurities that are present in the raw honey such as bee wax or dead bees. It is processed, filtered to ensure the end product that is left is only honey. 


Both wild raw honey and processed honey can cause an illness called Infant Botulism. The presence of bacteria can affect the nerves and cause paralysis in a rare case scenario. Thus, it is mostly advised to not give honey to infants. 


Honey has been used as a medicinal option for many years. People use honey for wounds or lesions. If you are suffering from a cough, honey along with ginger and lemon is the best way to cure it. 


Honey can be used as a sweetener and medicine. The debate of which type of honey is good for health will go on, but now you know which type of honey you will buy on your next purchase. 

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