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Get to Know The King of Spices- Black Pepper

Since time immemorial black pepper has been constant on the throne of spices. Many ages have passed, people have come and gone but the importance and the relevance of pepper has not changed. The usage of black pepper has revolutionized in more ways than one. Coming from the south coast of India this spice has been treated as a valuable commodity by travellers in the olden times. Here is the main question- Is black pepper only used for culinary purposes? To find out, read on.

Black pepper is obtained from the perennial plant called piper nigrum which bears fruits from the flowering vine. The peppercorns are then crushed to give you the black pepper.

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Health Benefits of Black Pepper

Black pepper not only elevates the taste of any dish but also is a healthy ingredient. To bolster good health, include this magical spice in your diet. This spicy, woody and oxidized lime-tasting product is easily available. If you are still wondering about the advantages that this super spice has to offer, here are some of them:

Good for the Gut

Black pepper is not only an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory agent but is also capable of preventing gastrointestinal diseases. It further helps in better digestion thus ensuring optimal absorption of nutrients by the body.

Promotes Weight loss

Consuming black pepper in moderation either in tea or chewing them directly can help you break down the fat in your body. It also augments the metabolism process.

Aids in Dealing with Depression

Chewing black pepper releases chemicals that in turn will calm your mind. As depression is the most common mental health-related problem, the prescribed medicines and black pepper can be used to overcome it.

Relieves Sore Throat

If you have an itchy throat or a never-ending cough, some black pepper and honey can provide much-needed respite.

Tends to Skin Related Issues

If you have acne or wrinkled skin, the good news is it can be treated with black pepper. To apply on your face, take some pepper along with curd or honey. This exfoliates your skin and keeps it supple.


There are other benefits that are offered by black pepper but to really experience them you need to include it in your daily lives. This supreme spice can add flavour and health. To get yourself a packet of organic black pepper that is grown naturally, visit Namma Veedu. We are proud to bring naturally grown, chemical-free products to make your life better.