Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

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  • Extracted from Freshly Harvested Coconuts. 100% Natural & Cold Pressed oil
  • Cold pressing technology helps preserve the vital nutrients, rich aroma, and flavour of real coconuts, making them fit for raw consumption
  • Due to its better oxidative stability and high smoke point, VCNO can be used as regular edible oil
  • 100% Pure, Vegan, Preservative Free, Gluten Free, Non-GMO & Natural Coconut Oil. It is suggested for diets like Keto and other such healthy regimens
  • Country of Origin: India
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Coconut Oils pressed in traditional wooden mills have been used for cooking and as a Hair oil in India for hundreds of years until refined oils took over. Refined oils undergo numerous chemical & mechanical processes before ending up in our belly many times permanently.

Real unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil is extracted at your Fresh Mill using the traditional wooden mill (kachi ghani/ mara chekku) method where the oil is extracted without heating or any chemical processes. Coconut oil that is extracted using traditional cold-pressed methods is highly nutritious and healthy.

Here are the main benefits of unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil:

It contains Lauric Acid which is found in human breast milk and helps fight off many infections and strengthens immunity

Coconut oil contains Medium Chain Triglycerides which are converted in the liver into ketones which help improve brain function and is a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and stroke

Coconut oil helps you lose weight by increasing the metabolism rate and reducing the hunger

Apart from the above benefits, coconut oil is applied to hair and skin protects by moisturizing and preventing hair damage

The most important thing is Refined coconut oils do not have any of these benefits as all the beneficial properties are destroyed during the refining process. Replace your refined oils with cold-pressed oils today to move towards a happy healthy future.

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  1. Saran

    I’m using this products for my hair fall problem, dry fizzy hair and low hair growth and I’m very happy with the result.

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