Namma Veedu

About Us

Namma Veedu is the leading online organic food store where you can find the best organic healthy food products at an affordable price. Now, you need not go around your place in search of some organic products. Here is our one-stop destiny to buy all your required natural food products online in India.

Our Products

  • Natural Honey
  • Palm Jaggery
  • Palm Sugar
  • Cane Sugar
  • Millets
  • Ghee
  • Health Mix Powder
  • Organic Rice
If your family is planning to adopt a healthy lifestyle, we are here to help you throughout your journey. Our products are 100% pure and available at the best market price and great quality.
We deliver our products across South India within two working days. In the beginning of our journey, we introduced only two products: banana chips and raw honey. After understanding the demand for organic food products in India,  we are committed to serve variety of high-quality natural products. Nowadays, the huge population is moved from village to city and the resources are plenty. Few people get organic products from their hometowns.
Few people are unaware of the health benefits and  are not ready to swap their daily life. The main reason behind this is poor transportation facilities in India. We cater to ship across Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore in India. The improvement in technology and the digital era has made many things possible. By analyzing, all the changes in the e-commerce sector and the development of online shopping.
We strive to make it easy to order natural products online and deliver them to your doorstep without any hassle. Most importantly, our products are packed and delivered safely. As we live in this busy world and our sedentary lifestyle invites many unwanted health issues. Hence, let us join hands with Namma Veedu to live a healthy life and start consuming natural food products.

Our goals

  • To make a better future with natural heritage rice
  • To make natural food products an easy option for every household
  • Burn extra calories with our traditional cold-pressed oils
  • To deliver our products across India with utmost safety and care
  • Aim to use natural food products for the better health of a future generation
  • Unadulterated spices at an affordable price
  • To be the best natural food store India

Why Blogs?

Do you feel confused about how to start using Organic products and curious to know about the benefits?
Here is our solution to your queries!
We offer the recipes in our blog section and make it easy to prepare your dishes quickly.
Moreover, health benefits of each product is shared to help you choose the best for you.